Project overload

Once upon a time, I had all my projects so caught up that I was able to work on one project at a time. I would finish each project before moving on to the next, not ordering yarn till I needed it, and was feeling awfully proud of myself for having defied the Yarn Harlot's theory that no such knitter exists.

That lasted about... oh.. two weeks. Now? Having given into the Mason-Dixon Log Cabin knitting obsession, I'm cheerfully trying to log cabin away my stash o' random yarns (I'm even forcing myself to use up the old acrylic from my newbie knitter days - nevermind that it feels like sandpaper, MUST USE UP OLD YARN. Me? Obsessive). Of course, then thanks to Brenda Dayne at http://www.cast-on.com , I'm using up my acrylic/wool blend to knit the gigantic Dulaan scarf of Doom. And then there was the yarn that I bought to make the darling boyfriend a sweater...

A quick side note here: How stupid am I to buy yarn for a man who is too hot every day of his life? What actually made me think that this man, who will not EVER wear sweaters, would wear one if I knit it? I blame temporary insanity.

Anyway, I'm using that yarn to make the Eris cardigan from http://www.girlfromauntie.com . I made the pullover a while back in a lovely alpaca, and now I'm thinking a cardigan would be nice.

Oh, and then there's the toque I'm making for my friend, who was promised a proper toque about... a year ago. It's also a girlfromauntie design, and while I love her patterns, those cables are freaking killing my hands.

And then there's the UGG baby booties I'm knitting for my co-workers (shhh, surprise) shower.

How did I get here? I used to be such a good knitter... ;)


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