Long weekend in San Francisco

This weekend was spent with my darling man's parents, touring various parts of the city and getting No Knitting Done. Luckily, I'd finished the knitting for the booties and toque on Friday evening, and now they just want finishing.

I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful set of days in San Francisco. We attempted to go to the Legion of Honour, but were thwarted by not realizing that it was closed on Mondays. We went instead to the zoo, where of course, all "special" exhibits were also Closed On Monday. No matter we said, tomorrow we're going to Half Moon Bay and will do more there.

Who wants to guess how many shops in Half Moon Bay were Closed on Tuesday? No fair if you live there, or go there often enough to actually know the sheer number.

At any rate, it was the amazing food tour. I could probably go without eating this entire week and not have the slighest hunger pangs - Ninis and the Yacht Club on Sunday, Buca di Beppo on Monday, and Duarte's on Tuesday. Too Much Food.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the toque, which has turned out absolutely GORGEOUS (and I'm beginning to think I must have one), and the booties if I've finished sewing them together.

Looks to be another ludicrously hot day here in the Bay Area... I need to start knitting more with cotton.


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