A Walk in the Park, pt. 1

This is what I would call a highly experimental post. If there's good feedback (or no feedback), I'll keep it up. If y'all hate it and don't care, well... I'll give in to peer pressure, I guess.

So I'm one of those poor types that can't afford to travel, and I love seeing new cities. I just don't get much of a chance. It occured to me that I'm probably not the only one like this, and I'd love to see photo essays of people's cities - especially the smaller places you probably wouldn't see as the typical tourist. So on that note, I thought I'd start off with a small trip through one of my favourite evening walking routes.

The first photo is a small canal that runs through a heavily developed home area. There are always ducks here, and while I tried to capture them on film, they are elusive little buggers. You can sort of see them in the area of water that's looking a little disturbed. Everything around this canal is concrete. It sits next to a car repair shop that is always packed full of old, beat up, and rusted automobiles. And yet, here it sits, pretty and green in the midst of cars, smog, and people.

Right around the corner is what I think of as the typical Californian church. Stained glass windows and palm-trees. Although I am definitely not a church-goer, I love looking at this each time I go by. It sits so serene and lovely behind a gigantic chain link fence.

I love flowers, and colour, so this vine always attracts my attention. It's in another field of concrete - right behind a huge sound wall that tries to keep the exhaust and noise of 3rd avenue away from the local residents. Maybe it's just the hippy in me, but I always love to see parts of nature flourishing amongst man-made materials.

Finally, two shots of the Bay for which the area is named. The Bay lands are always stunning, albeit somewhat smelly on warmer days (brackish water - yum). This spot pictured in the next two photos is one of my absolute favourites. Again, it's a strange juxtaposition - high voltage towers mixed with the reeds, silt, and rocks. This is part of a recently built park with trails, playgrounds, and a fantastic dog park (not that I have a dog). I'll have more pictures of the park proper tomorrow.

Doesn't it just make you feel... serene?


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