Adventures in Hiking (part 2)

A few corrections before I start this post:
1. Those trees in the previous pictures are Madrones, and not Manzanitas.
2. We actually went hiking Tuesday. Funny story about that, in that I could have sworn we had made plans for Wednesday. Imagine my surprise when Jeanne calls, ready to hike, and it's... Tuesday. So I guess my blog entry reflected my mental confusion re: hiking dates. :)

So, on to the cute flora and fauna. All photos but the last one are once again courtesy of Jeanne, photographer extraordinaire.

This is just one of the many rabbits we saw along the trail, but this one sat still forever. We got a ton of pictures of this little guy, and I'm beginning to think maybe he's just a vain little bugger. All the rabbits there have the cutest little cotton tails, and you just want to take them home with you, they're so cute. Incidentally, it was weird for me to see rabbits in the wild. I'm such a city dweller that it's hard to picture these little guys actually surviving outside a plush home.

There were some neat flowers too. I have no idea what these actually are, but they're awfully pretty. I want a yarn based around those colours.

Normally, I am NOT a fan of anything in the insect kingdom. I go a little wiggy everytime I feed my newts and salamanders crickets, and I can't ABIDE anything crawling on me. That said, I have to admit this little guy was actually pretty cute:

I have video of it walking on Jeanne's hand, but I suspect it's too bandwidth intensive to post. It might make great blackmail someday, though. :)

The next is one of my favourite photos. I feel it totally rivals this one from Cute Overload. Again, not normally a fan of bugs here at Chez Duckling, but that one was pretty darned adorable.

Of course, all hikes must come to an end, and ours did quite spectacularly when - not 100 yards from the end of the trail - I tripped and ended up ass over teakettle. Check out my totally adorable leg post-fall:

Luckily my boyfriend is not one of those obsessive leg-men. I'm finally almost healed, but the skin is sort of... super-pink, still.

All in all though, a very successful hike, and one I'd do again anytime.

Coming soon: The Icarus, progress has been made! And, pictures of my Mystery Socks (I finished them days ago, but my boyfriend has been visiting, and so I've been ... distracted). A review of the Sea Silk, and a new Shawl-In-Progress.


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