Two hussies go to see the Yarn Harlot!

Today may have been the single most exciting day of my knitting life. Today, we met... The Yarn Harlot. She was coming to Full Thread Ahead in Los Altos, and would be speaking in the evening. There was just the minor matter of there being 450 knitters who had RSVPed for this event. Check-in was at 2:00 pm, and we wanted to be First In Line (okay, I wanted to be first in line, Jessica had not yet experienced the Love of Harlot). We set off most bravely around 12:45, allowing for Lost Duck Time (which it turned out, we needed. Who knew Los Altos has like, two downtowns?)

Once we made check-in (we got Zone 1 for signing, yay us) we wasted some time around downtown Los Altos. Knitters were EVERYWHERE. You couldn't sneeze without hitting someone wearing a Soleil, a Flower Basket Shawl, or a Lotus Blossom Tank. I saw someone wearing a white version of the Flirty Ruffles Shawl, which was stunning. I also saw someone wearing a STUNNING Peacock Feathers Shawl, something I intend to cast on sometime soon. I forgot her blog name (I suck), but she was fantasically friendly, as was everyone at the event.

Around 4, seating opened, and because I am OCD we ran right out and got seats in the front row. After I took this photo, they added more rows of seats. By the time the Harlot started speaking, the lot was FULL. People were on the sides, watching. Note the gorgeous colours on Jessica's scarf. She has definitely come to the dark side. She also won a gift certificate for being the newest knitter in the group!

We also met a store owner who may be carrying Handmaiden Lace Silk, my absolutely FAVOURITE fibre. It's damn near impossible to get here state-side. Check out her website. She carries some fabulous yarn, and was incredibly friendly.

Another view of the seats, and Jess knitting. The lady next to her (whose name I have shamefully forgotten) was So. Cool. She has a 1900 square foot stash. I'm not kidding. She has a separate frigging HOUSE for her stash. Jessica and I tried to get her to adopt us, but I don't think she was going for it. I asked if she ever gets the urge to roll in her stash, and she assured us she did.

Around 5:30, the Yarn Harlot took the stage. I can't begin to descibe how witty this woman is. I don't know if a non-knitter would get her style of humour, but we laughed so hard our cheeks were hurting. She keeps a totally straight face as she riffs off the silliness we knitters endure, every once in a while breaking into this mischevious little grin. She must have talked to us for an hour and a half, including questions. Never once did she look tired of doing the book circuit, or get snooty with a question. I don't know if I would be that down to earth if hundreds of people constantly showed up to see and adore me.

After the talk, we lined up to get our books signed (Do I even need to tell you, dear reader, that we were first in line? Knitter with determination, I tell you....) Stephanie signed both our books, and I had her and Jessica pose for the camera with the amazing Dibs on Ribs sweater of Intense Evil. I believe the Yarn Harlot descibed it as an "evil gremlin" of a sweater.

All in all, one of the best days I've had recently. I hope the Harlot comes back on her next book tour (she descibed Book 4 as being a "travel guide to knitting." I can't wait!)

Till next time, dear readers.

And if you ask about the Icarus, I may have to kill you.


Blogger Abigale said...

OK - you have one seriously great blog! I'm adding you to my links (as soon as I get time!)

So - all that build up in your last post, and still I did not see a picture of your spinning wheel, which you drove 12 hours for (I am in Camp #1 dammit!) Man, I feel like a virgin who gets stood up for the prom or something!

Anyhoo - thanks for saying hi - I'll be seeing you around.

10:20 PM  

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