Pure-ly pr0nilicious

I never meant for this blog to become 100% sock yarn pr0n, I swear. And yet... it happens. The ladies at the Lime & Violet boards have a bad habit of alerting us susceptible sock knitters when something especially scrumptious goes up for sale.

Like Yarntini. I love Yarntini yarn, but the stuff is awfully hard to find - and don't even TRY finding it on eBay. People seriously gouge on the price. I'm convinced non-knitters are buying it as yarn speculation, because surely another sock knitter wouldn't do that to us? Right?

Anyway, the place I bought the Yarntini from is called Pure Knits and I will definitely be buying from them again! They carry a number of luxury brands (including my love-to-hate it but love-to-love it too Tilli Thomas yarn), and the prices are good.

All of the above would be reason enough for me to return. The frosting on the cake was the way the yarn came:

Tissue papered, bag tied with a ribbon, and a Hand. Written. thank-you note from the proprietor. Now, I have a lot of favourite yarn companies, but I've never gotten a hand-written card before! Too cool. If you're looking for yarn, Pure Knits is a great place to try!

Of course, I got a shot of the yarn out of its little bag too:
Isn't it just scrumptious? The feel is very similar to Socks that Rock, and I'm actually sort of tempted to use it to make this months STR pattern in the knee-high version. We shall see...

Speaking of Socks that Rock...

Hee, so luscious. I love the way it looks all curled up with its baby bit of yarn.

Eris likes it too:

Sadly, that's it for posting today. The heat has made me endlessly lethargic (although, not too lethargic to dream of knitting loads of socks).

Coming soon: MORE sock yarn. I'm not kidding. Blame Lime & Violet, for they are vile yarn temptresses.


Anonymous Jo said...

Your cat looks like mine, complete with the bared belly... but mine won't pose with my yarn.

1:30 PM  

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