A Walk in the Park, pt. 2

Yay, Monkee loves me! All right, here's some more pictures of my favourite Bay walking spot. Sorry for the delay, but Basenjis are distracting.

Part of what I love about the trail is the number of benches they've set out to just sit and look out at the Bay. There's nothing really special to look at - sometimes on nice days we get a bunch of kite-sailers - but most of the time it's just the water, the bridge, and the cities far off in the distance. I like that despite there not being anything to really watch, they've put places in to just sit and de-stress. In an area like ours, where things tend to move at high speed, this is a pleasant respite.

<The other nifty thing about this trail system is how well they've integrated wetland areas into a park. There are tons of places just like this, close enough to view, but kept apart from the joggers and dogs. Our local ducks seem to love it, and we do get the occasional egret. At least, I think it's an egret. I'm definitely not the biologist type - but it's a pretty white bird that looks like a miniature heron.

We also have some damn cool architecture. This building and the footbridge nearby were featured in the San Francisco Chronicle a little while back. They're sort of silly looking, but it's a nice change from the standard blocky park buildings.

And of course, the Bay sunsets. Admittedly, I've seen more colourful ones (Oahu and Maui come to mind), but this is the reason I walk in the evenings. I have an innate love for palm trees and sunsets - I don't think I could ever live some place without palm trees.

And finally, home home again, to find that my vine is finally starting to give in to the watering and fertilizing regimen I've set for it. I absolutely love passion flowers, and I'm hoping to eventually have them covering the whole front of the porch.

Thanks for coming by, and thanks to my good-feedback leaver. ;) Will be back tomorrow with Actual Knitting Progress (and pictures, thereof).


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