If it's Friday, it must be sock pr0n

In a return to form, I've got more sock yarn to show off. After completely missing the last Baywood Yarns update at Nine Rubies, I managed to snag a few skeins this time!

Baywood has recently started to use Louet Gems as their base yarn, and while I had no complaints with their original sock base (it's all held up REALLY well), the Gems is so much nicer. It has more squish to it, and feels almost like Socks that Rock.

The pr0n:

Oooh, ahh. :) I'm trying to get out of my pink phase, but this is too pretty to resist.

Perfect boyfriend sock colours. Ever notice how freaking hard it is to find multi-coloured sock yarn that your boy will wear? At least, assuming he's not willing to wear crazy colours (for those of you whose boyfriends WILL wear pinks and purples and such, can you have them talk to mine? :P).

Colourway "Napa Road," need I say more? In fact, a good glass of Cabernet is sounding like a great plan right about now...

I <3 unexpected colour combos.

Are we all pr0nned out now? Good deal. Here's some actual knitting:

See, occasionally I do knit up all that yarn I buy. This is the back of Arietta, a fabulous little cardigan from the Spring Issue of Knitty. I've been looking for a reason to use Shine Sport from KnitPicks, as fabrics made with Modal fibre make me very happy indeed. I'm fascinated by the way the other colours turn the grey to a blue-y grey.

This is my first stab at Mosiac knitting, and I'm pretty fascinated by it. Appearance of colourwork with no stranding? Sign me up! The only thing that I'm a wee bit worried over is the texture, which is a little bumpy. I'm hoping some blocking flattens it out a little.

What's that I hear you good knitters saying? Make a swatch and wash it? That would be WAY too easy. Besides, I like the element of surprise.

Administrative note: This blog made a slight error in describing Jocelyn, the first model of the Angelina Cardigan. She is, in fact, utterly fabulous. :) This blog is also rabidly jealous, as she's already into Ravelry and I'm not *whine*. Also, she looks better in my sweater than I do. ;)

Coming soon: So... Lime & Violet updated again... more sock yarn on the way. I'm an addict, what can I say? And! Noro regains its hold on my soul.


Blogger Jocelyn said...

The problem is that some people who read your blog might actually know me. Now they're saying "Must be another Jocelyn." :-)

4:27 PM  
Blogger sillyrabbit said...

Your Arietta is looking BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see it finished!

9:42 AM  

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