It's a love/hate relationship...

Noro is like the bad boyfriend that you could never seem to break up with. When it's good, it's so amazing that you want to knit everything with it. Then, all of a sudden, you start... finding things. Bad things, like random stickery briar-like bits. You pick them out and tell yourself it's just this one time. The yarn just made a mistake, and we all make mistakes, right? Then, in the middle of a colour scheme: a knot! A knot joining two wildly different colours and ruining the colour progression! You try to remind yourself that no one's perfect. After all, there was that little fashion disaster in the 90's that you're still trying to forget. You keep knitting.

Then, the yarn FREAKING BREAKS IN A REALLY INCONVENIENT PLACE BECAUSE IT'S UNDERSPUN AND OMG I HATE THIS YARN SO MUCH SOMETIMES. You take a deep breath. You spit splice and wait. You go absolutely mad trying to match up stripes, but it's to no avail because the colour progressions in this yarn are random, no matter if you do have all the same dye-lot. Finally, you've had enough. You look at the sweater, realize it looks better on one of your best friends, and decide that's it. You're breaking up with this yarn. You go a perfectly reasonable amount of time, and you see Noro occasionally and admire it's lovely colours. You tell yourself you're strong enough to resist and you'll never be burned by this yarn again.

Then you see something like this.


I'll break up with Noro again. Just after I finish this scarf. I can be strong.

What's that you say? Lizard Ridge?



Anonymous Saloni said...

I have been fantasizing about Lizard Ridge. Ooooh! Can I watch?

9:40 PM  
Blogger Ali said...

I have the yarn to do Lizard Ridge. I'm obsessed with that pattern. I too want to make that Noro-striped scarf. Damn bad boyfriends!!

7:45 AM  

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