Torn between two crafts

Knitting is totally a gateway drug. I blame this on two things: 1. If you knit long enough, you will encounter patterns that require you to learn something that is Not Knitting (crochet, sewing, embroidery, etc), and 2. Once you realize that by paying attention to a pattern, you can actually have a garment that fits like it was made especially for you instead of someone 6 inches taller and 5 pounds lighter, you get to thinking...

So I had a thought. I had a thought based on every pair of jeans I have ever owned being too damn long, and gaping in the back. I own a sewing machine. Actually, I have two in the house, as my best friend sort of docks her sewing machine here (Hi Jessica!). I have a sewing table. I have a load of supplies after my foray into sewing my costume for the Ren Faire. I have made a bodice (with copious help from Miss Jeanne's mother, who is a saint for teaching me to sew. I am NOT by nature a crafty person).

So I meandered down to the craft store, bought a pattern (and holy sticker shock! Sewing patterns are a LOT more than knitting patterns - luckily all the Vogue patterns were 50% off) and some fabric.

Several days later, I have these:

Hooray partially finished jeans. Now, in my defense, I didn't do much last weekend because I had the cold from hell. These are going to have to wait till this weekend to be finished. We shall not mention the morning of realizing I had made two left legs, please.

Closeup of the inner pocket:

And a closeup of the back pocket detail:

Obviously, my sewing is not high-caliber. I'm doing my best to not be all over the place, but I'm feeling pretty good about this project so far. It's my first time sewing for a garment and not a costume. So far, the jeans fit like a dream. A bit loose, but no gaping (I haven't put on the waistband yet though, so we'll see how that goes). The legs are exactly the right length. I probably should have paid attention when the women in the fabric store told me that jeans are one of the hardest projects to sew... but since when has that stopped me from doing anything?

I'll post pictures when they're done. Sorry for all those of you who have read this far and hate sewing. ;)

There is still knitting, don't worry:

The Noro scarf progresses. No cat model this morning, as she was busy leaving orange fur all over my nice grey carpet.

By the way, Saloni, you are an eeeeeeeeevil yarn pusher. ;)


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