And a wild time was had by all...

Since we both had Tuesday off, my friend Jeanne and I decided to hit one of the local parades/craft fairs. Jeanne found what may be the most hysterical cat item I've ever owned:

It looks JUST like my overly fat cat, Ceres. Thanks to Jeanne, for the adorable gift!

But of course, no duck outing is complete without some minor disaster. A little while back, for whatever reason, I had a paint can next to my driveway. So as we were pulling out of the driveway to go frolic at the fair, we hear this loud "ka CHUNK" noise. I re-arranged the truck and pulled out of the driveway where we saw... this:

And of course, the first thing I said was "Oh sh*t, I hope we don't leave a trail of paint!"

Of course. Of bloody course.

Emmy says: I'm SO embarassed.

Socks to come, I swear. One is finished, one is in the works.

Photo credits for today's post go to Jeanne, because heaven knows I would not have taken photographic evidence. ;)


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