Okay, I finished Icarus several days ago. It's been so long since I worked full-time that I've really been too tired to do much, and blogging dropped way low on the priority list. I've got more to talk about, and I'll try and catch up tomorrow.

So first, here's Icarus pre-blocking. It's a pretty sad little pile of alpaca. Eris likes it though:

And... Icarus pinned out on the floor. I'm not a very good pinner, and as I've mentioned before, I tend to be a pretty lazy blocker. However, since these points pretty obviously weren't going to point without help... they got pinned (yes, that is part of Ceres in the lower left corner):

And finally, the amount of yarn left over. I can totally see how people were running out of yarn on this project. I used two balls of Misti Alpaca at 437 yards each. If I'd only had 800 yards, I don't think I would have made it. Of course, I bought an extra ball, so the yarn gods made sure I didn't actually USE it. Grumble. Maybe I'll make an alpaca doily.



Blogger Rachel said...

came here via knittyboard... that's a lovely icarus! i'm sure you will have a great time wearing it!

11:38 PM  

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