It's the Most Wonderful Time... of the Year!

Yes, it's that wonderful time we call... Halloween Season. Ever since I can remember, Halloween has been my favourite holiday. It appeals to my inner drama-nerd, and my outer pagan. It was always the only holiday that didn't involve family arguments over which house I'd spend the evening at (ah, the joy of divorced families). Now that I have my own home, I absolutely love to decorate for Halloween. As soon as that tinge of cool fall air hits, I start envisioning orange and black everywhere.

Some of you will probably think it's a little early to be decorating for a holiday that's not until the end of next month. Probably, you should skip this post. ;)

We begin our tour in the kitchen. Target has been a blessing this year, in terms of adorable Halloween decorations. I usually keep my front yard "spooky," but inside the house I like a little bit of fun:

And this one I might actually leave up all year:

And of course, like I always say, you can't do anything in this house without cats. Ceres has noticed that the new Halloween blanket is totally lacking in Orange, and is fixing that for me.

The front room is my main focus right now. The little jars on the mantel all have darling inscriptions like: "Bat wings," "Dead flies," and so on. My favourite broom is hanging out in the lower right hand corner. I keep thinking I need to get something to hang it, maybe above the painting.

And my latest acquisition: Spooky Town. I've never been into Christmas Villages, and I never knew they made something similar for us Halloween junkies. I plan to stalk the rest of the collection quite obsessively.

For my first foray into YouTube, I've taken a video of the animations/sounds of the display. This is almost as good as my six foot four Grim Reaper that I put in the front yard every Fall.

In Sock Wars news, I'm almost done with my socks. Beware Lane Knees! BEWARE! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Ahem. After that, I've got a new lace shawl project. Rose of England has been unmerciful to me, so I'm trying the Mediterrean Lace Shawl from A Gathering of Lace. If that doesn't self destruct, I may actually put up pictures of it.

I know I've sucked at blogging regularly lately, so thanks to any readers who have stuck with me. :)

Coming Soon: Pictures of the Sock of Doom!


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