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So Turtlegirl has a fab blog that I regularly stalk. She features regular yarn pr0n, and I swear she must knit 24/7 to turn out the projects she features. So, per her recent invitation to flash our readers ... er, show our readers our movie collections, here's a little glimpse into mine.

Quick note, I took these photos in the evening, so I'm sorry for the nasty flash in the middle. Without the flash, the movies were unreadable. Lesser of two evils and all that.

So here's my super-posh (har har) video cabinet of Doom. I actually use the top shelf as an overflow shelf for my books (which are slowly but surely taking over my house). Please note: I am NOT watching Deal or no Deal. It was a commercial. I have standards. ;)

I'm a VERY eclectic movie-lover. The boxed Bogie and Bacall set (To Have and Have Not, Dark Passage, The Big Sleep, and Key Largo) is definitely one of my favourites. I love movies from the 30's and 40's because of the quality found in the plot, and the acting. I know it's cliche, but Bogart is the ultimate actor for me.

I take no responsibility for owning Bruce Almighty. It was a "Christmas gift" from when I worked at Blockbuster. It doesn't have a UPC, so I can't trade it in for anything. Eventually I'll probably just toss it when I get low on room (which is going to happen soon, I can tell.) I love horror flicks, the cheesier the better. Old Christopher Lee horror films are a definite favourite. I'm also a big fan of action. The best, I feel, are the 1980's super shoot-em-up, massive pyrotechnics extravaganzas.

Also, I love me some Stallone. ;)

Quick aside, if you haven't seen Equilibrium, GET IT. It's one of the best sci/fi films I've ever seen. Christian Bale is fantastic, the plot is interesting (yes, it's a mix of several novels, but it's done in a great way), and the filming is just awesome. Everyone I've shown it to (even those of my friends and family who HATE my taste in movies) has loved it.

In the bottom, we have the lonely little VHS cabinet. It has my VHS copy of the Last Unicorn, which is sadly superior to the DVD in film quality. I've been watching this movie since I was 5, and I've probably seen it a thousand times. It's my chicken soup for when I'm feeling lousy.

So... yeah. Those are my movies. :) I'd love some comments on any movies you, my darling reader, have an opinion on. Good or bad. I love a lot of REALLY bad movies.

Tomorrow: Pictures of the Sock of Doom (as it should have arrived at my target's house by then)


Sorry. ;)


Blogger Zardra said...

The Last Unicorn is great for sick days. A few months ago, it showed on HBO, and I mangaged to Tivo it. Unfortunately, there's something about it that won't let me transfer it to DVD, so it lives on our back-up Tivo in our bedroom now. It makes me happy. :)

12:32 PM  
Blogger Bezzie said...

Definately ecclectic, but what fun is predictability? ;-)

11:58 AM  
Blogger ZantiMissKnit said...

Mmmmm. . . Christopher Lee. . .
We have TONS of horror movies. There are pics on my blog (albiet not great ones).

12:20 PM  

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