I wonder if I can knit on a Stairmaster?

Multiple outside influences have caused yours truly to realize that some serious cardio is needed.

Influence one: Come late December, I will be required to appear in a bathing suit, and I don't want to scare small children. I'll be vacationing in Key West with Mr. Grad Student Boy and his family, and I feel that Key West requires a bikini. (This is what Mr. Grad Student Boy refers to as "Duck Logic")

Influence Two (the v. important one): I have finally placed a date for my police medical! If I pass this, hopefully I'll be reporting from the police academy sometime next year. Think I can convince them that I need circular needles on my utility belt?

So this evening I gave in, and went and joined the YMCA (pause for YMCA dance). Luckily, it's really close to both my work and my home, and I'm making a commitment to myself to go each evening after work. The only sucky thing is that it cuts down on my knitting time. Of course, to put a lovely touch on my evening, I managed to forget my locker combo and had to have the lock cut. It's Monday, what can I say?

Since the ROE is still in the stockinette section, I won't bore anyone with photos (Look! 5 whole rows of STOCKINETTE! THRILL as the SAME row gets repeated over and over AGAIN!). By tomorrow I should have at least broken into the pattern rows of Chart G.

I'm off to see if I can still feel my legs.


Blogger Abigale said...

I bet that riding the stationary bike might be a good knitting opportunity - not as good for the cardio as the stairmaster though.

I really like it when I get to an easy mindless knitting break especially in a really complicated piece. 5 rows of stockinette - a doddle!

And the dyeing stuff - it really isn't so hard - just start pouring colors on fiber/yarn and see what happens! It's fun!


11:07 AM  
Blogger pigbook1 said...

I knit on stationary bikes and elliptical machines. I don't knit complicated items therefore i don't know how complicated you can go, but be warned your hands can get kind of sweaty

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your ROE looks great! I'm still slogging away on chart c....

I like the yarn you're using--it doesn't overwhelm the lace pattern but still adds interest.

7:28 PM  

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