Travel knitting

Boy, there's a lot to tell. I'll try and catch up on travel stories and hopefully get some pictures of the prezzies I knitted people (stupid me, didn't take pictures Christmas morning). In the meantime, here's the stuff I can actually show you!

Mr. Grad Student Boy's Mom rocked the presents this year with several skeins of grey/white Malabrigo. I'd never had Malabrigo before, but now I believe Lime & Violet: Malabrigo could TOTALLY cure eczema. It is the softest wool I've ever touched, and I firmly believe there's some sort of deal with the devil going on, because wool is just NOT THIS SOFT. Luckily, my darling man had gotten me pretty much the complete set of Elizabeth Zimmermann books, so I've embarked on my first truly patternless sweater:

It's a top-up raglan pullover, very basic, but soooo soft. Have I mentioned I lust for Malabrigo? I have? Okay, moving on then. Speaking of Christmas goodies, the sweater is on Denise Interchangeables (another gift from Grad Student Boy's mom - does this woman get knitters or what?), and right next to a very yummy set of Lantern Moon needles also from the Boy. I was one spoiled knitter this Christmas. I also got some Lorna's Shepard Worsted, and some Lion Brand Homespun, but those are still in Florida as I didn't have room in my suitcase. They'll be shipped out to me soon. :)

The sharp eyed among you will notice a familiar pink lacy object in the background. Yes, it is the Rose of England shawl. Last time you guys saw it it looked like this:

I have made progress:

Admittedly, it's not a heck of a lot of progress, but it turns out it's REALLY hard to knit lace when surrounded by a Large Italian Family. For some reason, they want to socialize. Weirdos. ;)

Of course, PURELY in the interest of research and selfless devotion to any readers I might have left, I did check out the LYS in West Palm Beach, "Great Balls of Yarn." Yarn selection there was pretty good, and I picked up some Plymouth Sockotta yarn (which is not only sock yarn BUT vacation yarn, so it doubly doesn't count as adding to the stash - in fact, I believe it actually means I've subtracted from the stash).

The store was one that was organized by colour, which is a big pet peeve of mine, but the lady working there was fantastic! Very friendly, and was offering to order me yarn before I sadly explained that I was a Knitter on Vacation. Excellent service, and I do recommend the store for sock yarn devotees - they even have the new Colinette sock yarn. Needle selection was pretty much ONLY Bamboo and Denises, so if you're a metal devotee, you're going to have to get your needles elsewhere.

The obligatory travel photo:

I didn't take many pictures of Florida, because pretty much it all looks like this. Palm trees, and an obscene amount of greenery. Everything is alive in Florida. I recommend listening to Dave Barry's advice, and striding briskly to prevent mold growing on your skin. It is THAT verdant in that state. It's also quite possibly the flatest place I've ever been.

One very weird thing for this little Bay Arean is that, in Palm Beach at least, EVERYTHING is in a strip mall. It feels like the entire state is made of up strip malls (excepting Key West, and I'm pretty sure due to the amount of liquor imbibed while in Key West, I don't actually REMEMBER what it looks like there). I'd love to tell you what the Atlantic looks like while on the back of a Waverunner, but between having salt in my contacts and keeping my eyes tightly shut as Mr. Grad Student Boy suicidally sped towards waves, I don't think I actually saw any of it. It's a warm ocean though (I know this because Mr. Boy managed to flip our Waverunner TWICE).

Meanwhile, back in California it is FREEZING. I nearly killed myself on the walkway this morning because it had Iced. Over. The last time I was this cold it was the dead of winter in Salt. Lake. CITY. Seriously. I would like some warmth please.

Coming soon: Return of the Log Cabin, and some pictures of New Orleans.


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