Pretty colours and a Cat That is Not Mine

Sorry for the lack of Monday post. I'm trying to keep to a Monsday, Wednesday, Friday update schedule. Unfortunately, work intervened last night, and I didn't have time to take pictures!

A little teaser, first...
Regular readers have probably noticed I have a thing for blue hues, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that this is one of my favourite sections on the scarf.

Here's the whole scarf:

Please to ignore my dirty fire-place. I only have so much time to clean. ;) This was a great mindless project, even with my hatred of 1x1 rib. It even inspired me to practice continental in sections, and I'm determined that my next project will be all continental. I'm thinking a sideways skinny scarf in stockinette, so I have the chance to REALLY practice my purl.

I'm also thrilled to say when I was done with this scarf, I had approximately two inches of yarn left. There will be no teeny bits of Noro reproducing in my stash this time, thanks very much!

And finally, a Cat That is Not Mine:

This is Miss Sophie. I'm a volunteer for a local homeless cat center, and I happen to KNOW I have local readers (Hi guys! ;)). I thought every once and again I'd try and use the blog for something other than shameless self knitting promotion. We have a lot of really great cats, and so if anyone is thinking about adopting this summer, I encourage you to look into your local organizations. For those of you who, like me, love cats but think they have plenty already - look into volunteering this summer! I spend two hours a week at a socialization center. It's not a huge chunk of time, but the cats and I both get a lot out of it. And of course, summer season is kitten season - consider fostering a kitten (get them while they're cute and fluffy, and then give them to someone else! ;)).

That's your PSA for this Tuesday. Hey, maybe that could be a new feature here at the blog, PSA Tuesdays... or maybe not. ;)

See you guys tomorrow, and knit on!


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