Adventures in Mass Transit

Yesterday was not a whole lot better than the Monday of Intense Evil. I took the train, and then BART up to the city to drop off some paperwork for the Bossman. On the bright side, I saw stuff like this:

And I discovered that Caltrain has been so thoughtful as to put in yarn ball holders! Hooray for Caltrain, they do love their knitters (I actually had a conductor who is an avid crocheter ask me about my sock - I guess he wants to learn to make socks for his mum. What a sweetie!)

Also (and please excuse the thumbprint), I though I would share my favourite "WTF" sign at the local station. Note the middle sign. The first time I saw it I thought "No cigars? No hoverboards? QUOI?"
Apparently someone else was equally confused:

The embossed leaf lace socks from Interweave are nearly done, but I have been remiss in taking photos. Instead, may I present the Tulip socks from KnitP icks. Adorable, but with a heel pattern of Much Evil. There are two (these were finished a while back, but I never took more pictures), and further pictures are in the photo album "Socks," located in the sidebar to your right.

Coming this weekend: Adventures in 21st birthdays (aka - the hussies get knackered)


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