"I'm only knitting to keep warm"

Well... it's cold. This is not news to you, I know. But for someone who is perpetually cold, except in crazy states like Florida where it is 8 million degrees out with 3000% humidity (I may be exaggerating there... but only slightly), this weather has been torture. At home it's not so bad - I can just attach myself to the wall heater along with my cats. Work is another story entirely.

Case in point: Today I'm wearing a blouse, a zip up jacket, a coat, wool slacks, knee socks, and fleece lined shoes. I have my beloved knit blanket over my lap.

I am still cold. It doesn't help that I work in a cinderblock building - great during the summer months, but hell in the winter. So I've devised a plan. It's a very simple plan: obviously I have to knit my Log Cabin Blanket at work. The knitting is keeping me warm. No boss would argue with that, right?

Right guys?

One administrative note: When I switched to the new blogger, somehow a lovely post inviting me to join the Clemes & Clemes yahoo group got erased before I could jot down the group address. If whoever sent that could just give me a head's up, I'd love to join in.

And yes, it is a pictureless post today. I forgot to hook up my camera before leaving for work, so you, dear reader, must needs imagine the glory of the Log Cabin. Pictures tomorrow, I swear.

Coming soon: Bring your newt to work day


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