Stupid germs...

Sorry for the delay in post - don't worry, I haven't disappeared again. I woke up Friday with the Mother of All Colds (henceforth abbreviated as MOAC). Rather than go to work and be generally germy to everyone, I stayed in and did nothing. Not even a wee bit of blogging. On the bright side, the blanket has been progressing beautifully. The only problem with this is that every time I take a picture, by the time I go to upload it, it's outdated. Yes, people, I knit TOO FAST FOR PHOTOBUCKET.

Ahem. Anyway.

So Saturday, I got out of my sick bed to go with my dear friend Jeanne to see the best Comedy/Vaudeville team ever: MooNiE and BrooN. Fellow Ren Faire devotees will know who I'm talking about. The rest of you poor Broonless people must check out their website. They do a mix of stand-up, silly songs, and fantastically impressive juggling tricks. By the time we were halfway through the show, my mascara was running because I laughed so hard I cried. Luckily, I managed to clean it off at intermission, because...

I got selected to go up on stage with them! Now, this is a wee bit of a dodgy prospect, because at the last show I went to, the volunteer got to sit VERY VERY still as they juggled flaming torches around his head. Also, have I mentioned that I get profoundly nervous on stage, and the show was sold out? Well. Turns out what they had in mind was a "whipped cream eating contest." I put that in quotes because I'm a little unclear on what the contest was (MooNiE said something about whoever had the biggest mountain was the loser). They just wanted me to shoot whipped cream in their mouths at the same time (poor bastards - they managed to pick the most poorly coordinated person in the whole audience). Anyway, by the time I was done, there was whipped cream EVERYWHERE. Poor MooNiE had it behind his ears.

Luckily, they didn't seem to mind, and I got my picture taken with BrooN:

Two things of note: BrooN is actually about 6'5", and was almost on his knees to be in frame, and somehow I have managed to have my picture taken while wearing not one single hand-knit item. I hang my head in shame.

Sunday, I returned to my proud schedule of doing nothing and feeling vaguely nauseous. Hence, no interesting blogging. I blame the MOAC.

I will do my best to bring you guys some Actual Knitting Progress tomorrow, presuming the MOAC lets me get anything done. Also, stories about a newt. And work. Soon, I promise.


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