Happy Birthday to me (several days late, I might add)

First things first, since I am bored and stuck away from home, all pictures to follow are cellphone camera pictures, so please forgive the blurriness.

The 12th was my 24th birthday (also the Birthday of Miss Zanti from the Knittyboards - Feb 12th-ers are totally the best). I got a load of nifty presents, some of which I'll try and put in a post tomorrow after I've had a chance to take and upload photos at home.

My gift to myself: More Baywood sock yarn, bwahahah. This is the cuff of the Heelless Sleeping Sock, also from Knitting Vintage Socks. I finished the first one last night (pictures to come, I promise) and it is SUCH a comfy sock to wear. This is the Baywood 50/50 wool/silk blend again, in the colourway "Once Upon a Pink"

I'd also like to say thanks to Baywood Yarns for posting my socks on their blog. I am absolutely SHAMELESS when it comes to compliments, so I sure appreciate it! Please note: I am saving as much money as possible to buy out their yarn at Stitches West (where we will be "officially" celebrating), and may be inclined to growl viciously at anyone who tries to thwart me in this endeavour. ;)

One of the biggest surprises on my birthday was the two dozen gorgeous roses my mother sent me from Ah Sam's, the coolest local flower shop.

Here's the flowers they day they arrived:

And here they are today, blooming quite spectacularly and making my cube smell quite deliciously of roses.

Below and to the right are the super pretty daffodils my co-workers got me for my birthday. It's finally starting to feel lively in this here cube!

As soon as I get a chance, I'll put up pictures of what I think is the coolest birthday gift I've ever gotten: hand-made duck pjs! My friend Jeanne made them for me, and I cannot express how neat it is to have perfectly tailored PJs! I feel very spoiled and posh. :) One of my great co-workers also got me a gift certificate to the LYS, and I used it to pick up some Schaeffer Anne in a delightful orange-y colour. I'm definitely ready to be done with dreary winter hues!

Thanks again to all those who left compliments on the Vintage socks, and I hope to have some more sock pr0n up very soon!


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I'll be working the Great Knit Designs booth Thursday night at Stitches, and the Nine Rubies booth on Saturday & Sunday - hope to meet you there!

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