Eris vs. Eris

Eris v. 2.0 was finished last night at 11:56pm after a veritable knitting marathon weekend!

I'm one of those obsessive knitters who, once the end is in sight, stops doing anything else that might require a bit of that precious free time. I woke up this morning, looked around, and cleaned like a banshee, because the house had absolutely gone to hell while I was knitting.

Anyway, on to the knitting. Here's the Eris sweater visiting with my cat Ceres (strangely, my cat who is also named Eris, has avoided this sweater entirely), pre-blocking.

And the requisite sort of ugly blocking photo:

Blocking always scares me. There's a sort of leap of faith involved, because even if you've blocked your swatch, strange things can happen blocking an entire garment. You take something you've been working on for weeks, submerse it in water (or steam it, or however else you block) and hope to hell that nothing goes wrong. Wool is a fickle thing, and you have to pray that it doesn't swell to epic proportion, or felt if it's a super sensitive wool. I've heard horror stories of silk, that once wetted, smelled to high heaven and couldn't be made to smell decent ever again.

Luckily, nothing went wrong in blocking:

Notice that purple sleeve in the right of the frame? That's the original Eris Sweater. I've included a photo of the collar of that sweater, so you can see where the cables went wrong originally.

And here are the two sweaters side by side:

The funny thing is, these sweaters are both Size E. The first sweater I swatched for the collar, but sort of guessed for the body. It was knit on size 5 (for the collar) and size 7 (for the body). I did skimp a little on the sleeves, because I was bored with them. I'm a better behaved knitter now, and I swatched the hell out of the Malabrigo Eris. It's definitely a lot bigger! But, this time it actually fits the schematics of the pattern. I finally got a chance to try it on, and it is SO comfy.

Unfortunately, it was too late to get a picture of me wearing the sweater, so I'll try and get one tomorrow when there's decent lighting. Maybe I just need to train the cats to use the camera.

Eris 2.0 Vital Stats:

Pattern: Eris Pullover from Girl From Auntie
Yarn: Malabrigo in Frost Grey
Needles: KnitPicks Options sizes 5 (collar) and six (body)
Knitting time: About 3 weeks