The Audience is now... Deaf!

No knitting news today. The Grad-Student Boyfriend and I went to see Skinny Puppy last night along with Jessica and her man, and needless to say - no knitting got done. Mind you, it would've been nice to have a few sock needles for protective purposes (note to self: next time, stand further away from the mosh pit). Still, it was a great concert, even if the opening acts sucked harder than my Dyson. Only problem is, today I'm about at half hearing, and my voice is shot.

Jo, thanks for the advice on the set-in sleeves! :) One of my biggest "issues" with knitting is I hate hate HAAAATE to pin, but I'll make myself do it right. I'm one of those types that tends to try and speed through finishing once the knitted pieces are complete, and it bites me in the arse every time.

All right, stealing a page from Crazy Aunt Purl's book here. I have nothing else, so here's a cat making a silly face:

That is all. See y'all again Monday.


Blogger Baywood Yarns said...

Holy cow, Skinny Puppy is still around? Damn, I feel old.

On the sleeves - another cool technique is set-in top-down seamless sleeves, which you can find in Barbara Walker's Knitting From the Top. I don't think it would work with your pattern, but it's a really cool thing that avoids seaming!!!

P.S. you should enter that pretty sweater in the San Mateo County Fair.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Miss Violet said...

You went to see SP!?



11:26 PM  

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