A Friday without Sock Yarn...

When I was a kid, my Dad the Cop had this great cartoon-y mug that read "Kissing a Cop without a Mustache is like eating an egg without salt." Of course, that was the late 80's, and all the cops I know are clean-shaven now. Anyway, this is a Friday without sock yarn (I know! Shocking!) but I think it's still salted-egg good.

Meet Schaefer silk yarn in the colourway Bette Davis:


Lounging indolently in the bookshelf:

Now, truth be told, I was always more of a Joan Crawford fan. The woman may very well have been batshit insane, but she was still one hell of an actress. Still, the colours in this yarn are just too damn pretty to resist.

This yarn is also part of my summer projects (no really, I swear). While making the Noro scarf, I decided to switch over to continental knitting for a little while. I've got the continental knit stitch down pretty well, but I'm still having issues with the purl. I guess that's not surprising, since it took me for-bloody-ever to learn to purl English style.

Since learning a new style slows me down considerably, and I prefer to knit fast, I knew it was going to take something extraordinary to make me make an entire project without switching back to English. I believe this yarn is it. It's destined to become a sideways skinny scarf, preferably in stockinette so I have loooooooong sections of purls to get good.

Now, don't worry, I'm not joining the Anti-English Knitting style crowd (and boo! to them). Unfortunately, I picked up one of the most labor intensive ways to "throw" my yarn (not the way my best friend's sister taught me, mind you! :)). I don't drop the yarn, but I hold it between forefinger and thumb, and it involves a whole lot of arm movement. I'm told I'm a fast knitter, but I'm convinced I could be faster if I wasn't swinging my arm all over the place. I'm also hoping this will cut down on hand pain. We shall see...

Well, that was a hell of a lot of picture followed by a hell of a lot of text! If anyone's still reading down this far, I'd like to use this space to say:

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Yes, it is the amazing Grad-Student Boyfriend's birthday. Feel free to leave well-wishes in the comments. :)

Have a great weekend everybody, and I'll see you on Monday!


Anonymous Saloni said...

Happy Birthday!! We need birthday pictures and yes, the color of that yarn is insanely beautiful.

10:09 AM  
Blogger www.dudleyspinner.com said...

Happy Birthday! I am a fan of contental knitting for a long time now, it took some getting used to but makes my knitting much faster, remember to use the needle to pull up the yarn when you purl
really sad about your shawl, so pretty and worth redoing.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Margie said...

I liked Bette Davis much better, although Joan was great in Mildred Pierce. Good luck on the continetal knitting. I have tried to switch myself, maybe I just need to bite the bullet and practice with a single project like you. Your Schaefer yarn is so wonderful. I've got some of her wool in my stash just waiting to find the right project. I may have found one project last night, a vest in Knitter's. It's just so bright that I find it hard to visualize myself wearing agarment made from it.
Marge (fairisle in Ravelry), keeping cool in Half Moon Bay

6:10 PM  

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