A Monday Meme

Wow, it's my first official Meme, courtesy of CCR in MA.

The Meme rules: Enter your birthdate into Wikipedia, and list three events, two births, and one holiday that take place on your birthday. I'm rather fond of this, as I think it's more interesting than the prototypical "Tell me allllllll about you" memes. :)

So here goes:

I was born February 12th 19*coughcoughcough*

According to wikipedia, the following happened on that date:

In 1870, women gained the right to vote in the Utah territory. This is 50 freaking YEARS before the rest of the nation caught on, and we got the 19th amendment. Who'd have thought that area would be so progressive? 1870 is also the same year we got the 15th amendment, banning voting restrictions based on race.

In 1990, Super Mario Brothers 3 is released, and I become an official video game addict. I remember that game being the Biggest. Deal. EVER.

In 2004, San Francisco starts issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. It was a proud moment - though it didn't last. I wonder if a century from now, some blogger will be doing the same type of meme and talking about how progressive we were...

The Birthdays:

Duhh, Abraham Lincoln. Sadly, while this was once a holiday, it's been smushed into the all-purpose "President's Day," which is usually two weeks later. Too bad, because I'd love to have my birthday off!

Also born on my birthday - a ton of actors and people I couldn't care less about. Suffice to say that it looks like us Aquarians tend to go for chatty professions.

The Holiday:

Well... there's a couple interesting ones to choose from. Let's talk about Red Hand Day, a holiday that tries to draw attention to the plight of of children who are forced into being soldiers. We've seen a lot about this in the news lately, and it breaks my heart every time. Sadly, I'd never heard of this holiday before - so I'm glad this meme brought it to my attention.

All right, in happier topics: I've finished the other front of Arietta. However, I'm going to save those pictures and updates for Wednesday. I know, I'm such a tease. See you all then!


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