It doesn't feel like Halloween in Santa Barbara

Happy Halloween, dear readers!

Yours truly is on vacation in Santa Barbara, hoping to experience the sheer debauchery that is a UCSB Halloween. Needless to say, very little knitting will get done (although I might get some done, as Grad-Student Boy is at work all day).

It's far too green down here to be Halloween. There are blue (cloudy) skies, and nary a red or yellow leaf in sight. It feels like late summer, at best.

Perhaps tomorrow I will have pictures of the craziness that goes on. :) Until then, sorry for the dull and pictureless post!


Goodies from my Halloween SP

It's my first Secret Pal! I've been so excited packing up my box to send to my SP, but now I get to be excited about GETTING stuff. I love being spoiled. :)

Here's an overall view of my booty! (Not that kind of booty - for shame!)
I got some Misti Alpaca Laceweight, which is a gorgeous yarn that I've worked with before. I'm thinking it might want to be a Seraphim. I got a ton of stitch markers, which is so cool because I'm always needing more (I tend to do a lot of shawls at one time, and those just eat stitch markers). Not only that, I got beautiful needles to do a shawl on (size 3, my most used size).

I got some fab looking tea as well - hazelnut and cranberry. It's getting freaking cold here, so I'm looking forward to yummy teas in the evening. I also got some Reese's cups, but as you can see, they didn't last long.

I also LOVE this ghost-bowl-thingie. I don't know the proper term, but it's so damn cute. :) I'm thinking it's a great sock-in-progress holder.

Other goodies pictured: Halloween socks! I love these, and I only ever wear silly socks. Mini candies, for that quick sugar fix. And stickers! I tend to get a little crazy with stickers, so these are totally perfect. Last but not least, little orange candles. Too cute. :)

Not only did I get all that nifty stuff, but apparently one last little package is in the mail. And my SP hasn't revealed herself! Must... stalk... knittyboard...


I just got a little... distracted

So I've sucked at posting lately. I'm a bad blogger, and someone ought to spank me (preferably someone in a kilt).

See, I got some new yarn... and I got... distracted.

It's not readily apparent, but that's the Rose of England shawl reborn. I got my hands on some Handmaiden Lace Silk - colourway melon. I have done NOTHING but knit on this shawl. I've been knitting on my lunch break at work, I've been knitting as soon as I get home, I've been dreaming about knitting.

I don't have much to say, so let's just have some yarn pr0n.


And now for something completely different...

Cribbed from Crazy Aunt Purl, one of those fun little "things about me" surveys. Presuming you care about me. At all. Although, if you don't, why are you reading this blog anyway? ;)

Four jobs I’ve had:
- Tutor to kids from Kindegarten to 12th grade.
- Painter.
- Big Boring Box Store Employee.
- Assistant extraordinaire.

Four movies I can watch over and over:
- The Last Unicorn
- Spy Game
- The Big Sleep
- Top Gun

Four places I have lived:
- Belmont, California (grew up there)
- Brentwood, California (ye olde highschool years)
- Salt Lake City, Utah (University!)
- San Mateo, California

Four television shows I love to watch:
- Grey's Anatomy
- Veronica Mars
- Mystery (PBS - yes, I know it's a different show each week... but still)
- Dateline

Four places I have been on vacation:
- Florida
- Hawaii
- Grand Cayman
- Sweden

Four of my favorite dishes:
- Radiation Toast (Take one large hunk of french bread, heat in microwave for 50 seconds, slather with butter. Yum. :))
- Chicken Pakora
- Avocado rolls
- Hot Turkey Sandwiches

Four websites I visit daily:
1. Crazy Aunt Purl
2. The Yarn Harlot
3. The Knittyboard
4. Go Fug Yourself

Four places I would rather be right now:
- Tahiti
- Home in bed, reading a book and drinking Tea
- Down in Southern California with my boyfriend
- Any beach

More substantial updates soon, I promise.


Vampires have stolen my immune system!

I know, there's been nothing here. I've been sick as a dog. I promise, soon I will post will doily pictures and some fun stuff for October. Until then, go amuse yourself in my photobucket sections.