What have you knit for me lately?

I think I may be the worst blogger ever. I have been knitting, but I'm painfully lazy, and so I never upload photos so I never have anything to talk about!

Anyway, I've finished the Angelina Cardigan from White Lies Designs. Sometimes I forget how truly fun it is to work from a tight, well-written pattern. Joan's patterns are concise, but not obscure. How many knitting magazines patterns read something like "Then decrease using the method one Finnish knitter with no internet access made up, and we have chosen not to illustrate here"? Not so with Joan. This pattern has No. ERRATA. None. I'm so used to patterns having at least something wrong with them. Joan has spoiled me.

All right, enough of my yammering, and on to the sweater. Since a majority of people on Knitty seem to loathe the mirror self-portrait, and I still haven't trained my cats to be photographers, these first two are non-modelled shots.

The front:

The back:

So today, I had an idea. I always like to see a project on several body types. I mean, EVERYTHING looks good on the 12-year old models you see in fashion mags.

I started nice and normal, with an accomodating Nine Rubies employee:

I love that I can show up, say "Hey, I want to use one of your for my blog!" and they are TOTALLY cool with that.

But you know, you've got to find the non-standard body types too...

In case you ever wondered:

Yup, looks good on dogs.

But we're not done:

Yes, it even looks good on men! ;) Now THAT'S a pattern!

Coming soon: Yours truly tries her hand at Mosiac knitting, and my descent back into Noro-love


Thank Lime & Violet it's Friday

Ah, finally the weekend. I'm so ready to settle in with some knitting and not emerge until Monday morning. And just in time I came home to find...

Sitting happily on my doorstep.

What's inside?

Note the nice thank-you card. I'm not kidding when I say I continue to be extremely impressed by dyers who do this. I know L&V ship a freaking LOT of yarn, so it's nice to get a personal touch.

Oh, you want to see the yarn?

Hee. I love the pinks they use, and the colours they contrast them with. The one on the far left reminds me of one of the skeins of Yarntini I couldn't get. Hooray for the pretty!

I think the sock yarn stash may be getting a little out of control though...

Oh well, it's a weekend, and I'm not going to worry about stash!

Coming soon: Something not sock yarn. I swear. Maybe a sock, but also something totally Not A Sock.


Pure-ly pr0nilicious

I never meant for this blog to become 100% sock yarn pr0n, I swear. And yet... it happens. The ladies at the Lime & Violet boards have a bad habit of alerting us susceptible sock knitters when something especially scrumptious goes up for sale.

Like Yarntini. I love Yarntini yarn, but the stuff is awfully hard to find - and don't even TRY finding it on eBay. People seriously gouge on the price. I'm convinced non-knitters are buying it as yarn speculation, because surely another sock knitter wouldn't do that to us? Right?

Anyway, the place I bought the Yarntini from is called Pure Knits and I will definitely be buying from them again! They carry a number of luxury brands (including my love-to-hate it but love-to-love it too Tilli Thomas yarn), and the prices are good.

All of the above would be reason enough for me to return. The frosting on the cake was the way the yarn came:

Tissue papered, bag tied with a ribbon, and a Hand. Written. thank-you note from the proprietor. Now, I have a lot of favourite yarn companies, but I've never gotten a hand-written card before! Too cool. If you're looking for yarn, Pure Knits is a great place to try!

Of course, I got a shot of the yarn out of its little bag too:
Isn't it just scrumptious? The feel is very similar to Socks that Rock, and I'm actually sort of tempted to use it to make this months STR pattern in the knee-high version. We shall see...

Speaking of Socks that Rock...

Hee, so luscious. I love the way it looks all curled up with its baby bit of yarn.

Eris likes it too:

Sadly, that's it for posting today. The heat has made me endlessly lethargic (although, not too lethargic to dream of knitting loads of socks).

Coming soon: MORE sock yarn. I'm not kidding. Blame Lime & Violet, for they are vile yarn temptresses.