A Series of Tubes (socks, that is)

The vintage sock madness continues today with one and one/fourth of the Heelless Sleeping Socks. These are my first ever tube socks, and the one I've completed sure is comfy! I've never owned tube socks before (am I right in thinking they're more of a guy accessory?), so these are definitely New! and Exciting!

The back of the book makes a point of mentioning that for this sock, there are "no heels to knit!" I confess, I rather like knitting the heel of a sock. It breaks up the monotony, and gives you that joyous feeling of being at least half-way through your sock knitting. I'm very much looking forward to finishing and wearing these this weekend, when I will present you, dear reader, with the obiligatory foot shot.

A quick sneak peek at the not-so-Valentine's scarf (I got distracted by the socks, what can I say?), and the remaining skeins of lucious pink Malabrigo. The scarf takes two skeins, and I'm thinking I can certainly get a hat and armwarmers out of the remaining three. Feel free to disabuse me of this notion.

Annnnnnnd, at long last, the promised picture of the Log Cabin Blanket. It's a little... not square due to the eleventy-million different gauges of yarn used. It's lap blanket sized at the moment, but I'm thinking eventually I'd like to get it to 6' x 6'. The darling boyfriend's brother bought me 3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun, and I suspect they'll be perfect for this project.

Another long promised picture: My work newt! I've always had bunches of funny little animals, and this guy is from a disasterous PetCo shipment. Usually I try not to buy newts from big places, because it just encourages them to order more and for the most part they have NO idea how to take care of them. In this case, there were 7 newts, most of them missing legs and bits of their torsos. I medicated the bejesus out of them, but 4 died immediately. Over time, his two buddies went to Newt Heaven - so I decided to get him a small tank so he could hang out in the office with me.

Behold, Marlowe:

Please note, if you want your co-workers to even begin to think you're sane, do NOT bring a newt to work. ;) Nevertheless, Marlowe has become quite the attraction here.

Last, but not least, in the Turtlegirl tradition of Friday yarn pr0n...

That's one skein of Schaefer Anne in an i-have-no-idea colourway, and one skein of Baywood (that's the yarn in the teacup) in Tea Roses. This was my sad attempt at an "artsy" shot. Please feel free to pretend like you're impressed. ;)


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